Our company has received over 100 achievement awards from manufacturers including top sales volume awards, most improved sales awards, and representative company of the year awards and salesperson of the year awards.

Industry Recognition – 2001 SEMA Manufacturers Rep of the Year, Jim Wrobleski, Sr. was elected the 2nd recipient of the SEMA Manufacturers Rep Council Hall of Fame Award in 2007.  Dave Wrobleski was past Chairman of the SEMA Manufacturers Rep Council (MRC).  Starting in July 2007, Dave served on the SEMA Board of Directors for a three-year term.  Dave also has completed all of the requirements for the Professional Manufacturers Representative program at Arizona State University. He has been awarded by the Board of Governors of the Institute for Professional Advancement, the educational subsidiary of the Manufacturers Representatives Educational Research Foundation,  the designation of Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative.

Active members of SEMA, ACA, and CAN and we participate in all important industry events and shows to ensure that we are the most effective, well rounded and knowledgeable rep firm in the aftermarket.

Trace Walls has earned the Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation.  To earn the CSP designation this gentleman was required to have over two years of sales experience, pass a written examination and a one-on-one verbal exam.  Continuing education is also required for continued certification.  The commitment to ongoing professional development will be recognized by customers, with a reputation for being efficient, reliable and professional salespeople.

SEMA Manufacturers Rep Of The Year Award

We maintain a fully staffed office.

  • Sandra Rebich  – Administrative Assistant
  • Jeri Wrobleski – Accounting
  • Sophia Wrobleski- Data entry and customer relations

We travel three (3) full-time salesmen with over 90 years of combined industry experience.

  • Jim Wrobleski, Jr. – VP & Sales – 32 years
  • Dave Wrobleski, CPMR – VP & Sales – 30 years
  • Trace Walls, CSP – Sales – 31 years